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Features and Benefits

- Ultralight & Portable: Lighter than your phone (approx. 107 g). The shoes can be folded into the provided pouch and easy to carry in a little bag or by itself.

- Durable: The sock part is made of 100% cottony yarn. Same material used for sports wear which is more durable than cotton. This material also helps to absorb sweat better, reduce piling and dry quickly.
Bending Test by Korea Institute of Footware & Leather - No issue with the sock and the outsole after bending the shoes for 100,000 times.
- Breathable: Komuello's patented unique air pocket (by Double Injection Technology) between the sock layer and the outsole 
- Non-toxic: The shoe's outsole is made of 100% TPR material. Chemical glue is not used thanks to the double injection technology.
- Ethically made in South Korea at Ggomoosin's own factory under superior quality control.
- Extremely Functional: 
Driving: reduce fatigue, great for long distance driving
Travel: save your luggage space thanks to light and compact design, easy to pack and carry. Also great to wear during the flight.
Beach: Comfortable, super light and dry easily.
Outdoor: Slip-resistant and highly breathable. Great for walking and light excercise.
Indoor: Can be easily worn indoor - at home, in office, classroom, hotel, hospital ... Great for everyone even the elderly or pregnant women who need light, comfortable and non-slip shoes.
Matching with your baby: Mums now can share the same fashion style with their little one.

We believe a pair of light and comfortable shoes can bring pure joy and brighten someone's day!

Children's Shoes

Available in sizes of US 5, 6, 7 and 8 for babies and 10, 11, and 12 for Little Kids. 

How to choose the right size?

The length of the child's foot is 11cm. We add an extra of 3-4mm. 
The obtained result is approx 114mm. Checked in the size table. The right size should be size 115.
Shoes Inner Length US Size EU Size Approx. Age
115 118mm 5 21.5 6-12 months
125 128mm 6 22.5 12-18 months
135 138mm 7 24 18-30 months
145 148mm 8 25 30-36 months

Shoes Inner Length US Size EU Size Approx. Age
160 163mm 10 26 3-4 years
170 173mm 11 28 4-5 years
180 183mm 12 30 5-6 years

Women's Shoes


220 230 240 250
US 5 6 7 8
EU 36 37 38 39