About Us

We are the exclusive distributor of Ggomoosin and Komuello shoes in Australia. 

Ggomoosin and Komuello shoes are the most comfortable and unique footwear for tiny toes.

Our light-weight shoes are breathable, machine washable, and great for crawling or cruising indoors or out.

Available in novelty prints to everyday neutrals, these shoes are mum-tested and approved – a functional and fashionable necessity for every baby’s wardrobe.

The features and benefits of our shoes are:

Easy on/Easy-off: cotton top wraps the little feet just like comfy socks. Easy to put on and take off.

Natural: BPA Free, 100% TPE rubber material (often used in baby teething toys). The shoes are also made without any toxic glues that are usually use in shoes making.

Lightweight: approx. 28g. Feel like walking barefoot. Minimise the weight to support the natural growth of the feet. Provide flexible and supportive sole making it easier to walk or run.

Washable: our shoes can be washed by hand or machine (with a mesh bag).

Slip-resistant: Unique beehive pattern. Provide grip and protection for the little feet. Perfect to wear indoors, outdoors, beach or pool.

Breathable: Tiny holes on the sole allow air circulation, preventing sweaty feet and provide extra comfort.

Extra comfort: Patented unique air pocket between the sock layer and sole provides extra cushion

Water shoes: Protect the little feet from rocky beach, hot sand and slippery pool floor. Our shoes can be worn in water.

Made in Korea: All of our shoes are made in South Korea at Ggomoosin’s factory under superior quality control.