Why's Ggomoosin?

Ggomoosin is a popular baby shoe brand in Korea, famous for its unique sock shoe design, supplying to six Duty-Free stores and selling to 500+ department stores and outlets.

Ggomoosin provided the most comfortable, soft rubber shoes with adorable designs and ergonomic features for children everywhere. It has been favored in many countries (USA, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, UK, Russia, Thailand, Argentina, Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, UAE, Romania, Serbia and more).

  • Nontoxic and Safe
    Made from nontoxic materials: Uppers are made of sock with 80% high grade soft cotton, 16% spandex, 2% lycra and 2% nylon), Outsole is made of certified non-toxic TPE ( Thermoplastic Elastomer ) raw material, same material used in baby teething toys. 
    No choking hazards, free from zippers, stringy laces, bulky velcros or accessories.
  • Lightweight and Elasticity
    Ggomoosin shoes are extremely light weight (approx. 28g) that does not weigh down those precious steps. Minimising the shoe weight is helpful for the growth and development for babies when they learn to walk.
    The upper section of the shoe is also formed so that it is allows fitting the shoe to the foot shape.
    Improving ankle comfort by using stretch fabrics ( Lycra) for women’s stocking the shoes can be folded and unfolded to make them shorter and longer
  • Convenient
    Simple shoe sock design, easy to wear. Just like wearing socks with feet protection.
    Slip-resistant honeycomb outsoles, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor play.
    Machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Breathable
    Ggomoosin’s patented “Double Injection Technology” has significantly improved shoes breathability.

  • Many fun and trendy designs to choose from.

  • Award-winning shoes that are loved by moms and children all round the world.