Sock Shoes: A must for every Toddler

Sock Shoes: A must for every Toddler

Sock Shoes: A must for every Toddler

Children have a unique way of capturing our hearts. Their cheerful antics are almost infectious, especially when they are learning how to walk and toddle their way around the house.

During this age, toddlers have this urge to move around quite a bit, until they are exhausted. Hence, it becomes extremely important for their parents to be careful of where they are walking and if there’s something on the floor that can hurt them.

It’s essential to note that the children’s skin is five times softer than adults or older children. The feet of the children can be easily damaged and if they are not wearing proper footwear, it can be uncomfortable for them.

The need of Sock Shoes for Toddlers

  1. Your child has just started to develop their motor skills. At this age, their feet are made mostly of cartilage and fat, which gradually develops into bones. Hence, the size and shape of the shoe can affect their motor skills.

    In this case, you can easily grab a pair of sock shoes which are comfortable, light-weight, and easy to wear. It does not affect their motor skills and keeps their feet safe and clean.

  2. The skin of all children is sensitive and is prone to skin problems. Therefore, during summers you need to be extra careful. Using a pair of cotton shoe socks for your child will give them a level of comfort. They won’t feel the discomfort of being trapped in a shoe and their feet will be covered at the same time.

  3. If you’re not careful with the shoes you buy for your kid, it can cause problems for them. Poor fit and shape of baby shoes can cause joint problems and restrict feet development. It will also restrict the natural movement of the foot joints.

    Conversely, sock shoes are not only safe and hygienic, it will also eradicate the problems related to joint and feet development. The flexible material of the sock is not constricting in any way.

  4. While at home, children are usually left barefoot. However, it is advised to keep their feet covered against germs and bacteria that can easily affect their health. Then, if you’re not going out, you can easily let them go with a pair of shoe socks. This will also encourage their toes to develop a grasping movement.

  5. Cushioning is very important when it comes to feet development of the children. Keeping in mind the constant growth of your child, it is important that you regularly change their shoes. However, it is not ideal to always make them wear hard, tight shoes, without any flexible movement of their feet. Sock shoes are washable and dry quickly. You can easily throw them into the washing machine, air dry and they should be ready for reuse after few hours.

For this reason, proper sock shoes will not only provide good cushioning to their feet, but also act soft and flexible on their feet for natural movement.

Being a parent is a tough job. It is also one of the most beautiful experiences. Hence, it is important to select the best possible options for your child. Whether it’s shoes, clothes, food or healthcare, a parent is always careful to provide the best for their child. To that end, skin and body care become necessary to be looked after, when it comes to toddlers.

Photo by Renata Angerami